OEP can help you(r) extend your global reach

International partnerships

OEP can help your extend your global reachOEP can help your extend your global reach, finding a compatible institution in another country may seem like an insurmountable challenge, yet Overseas Education Partners, working on your initial brief, can identify suitable partner schools (“the discovery process”) that have complementary attributes that will merit further investigation.

Our network of global contacts will help find the best matches for your institutional goals, looking for shared strategic interests and compatibility in mission, values, goals and quality criteria.

OEP seeks to avoid unnecessary administrative burdens for you and dedicates time and effort to build meaningful and long lasting distance relationships and instil trust, seeking reciprocity and balance within the new alliance.

Creating an international dimension to your institution is not without pitfalls, as evidenced by case studies of the high number of your peer institutions around the world, that are looking for ways to create awareness and capitalise on alternative revenue sources. Universities in Europe are transforming their global reach thanks to the Bologna process and unifying initiatives such as  new common degree structures and a shared qualifications framework facilitating mobility and life long learning. Germany is excelling in offering a wide variety of programmes in English.  At the same time universities in Asia have been transforming curricula, quality assurance and learning outcomes all with a view to compete in the new global marketplace.

There are as many tales of woe as success stories in creating new alliances, but persevering to forge long lasting and mutually beneficial collaborations is where OEP can help.

We have many years experience in setting up courses across international borders, understanding decision making factors as well as cultural and funding issues, liaising with the different stakeholders in academia and marketing, to ensure in depth research, preparation and a smooth start up and efficient operation of any new joint initiative.

The right partnerships can become pathways for exchange of students and staff leading to new opportunities in TNE, study abroad, research, and global awareness creating world class pride and prestige for your institution.

"Education begins a gentleman, conversation completes him"
(Dr. Thomas Fuller, British physician 1654-1734)