International Student Recruitment Strategies

international student sourcing and enrollment
Actionable international student recruitment plans
OEP can make a thorough analysis and appraisal of the unique characteristics of your institution, looking at your long and short term priorities and matching them to the needs of different international markets, looking at current practices and establishing robust recruitment and enrolment procedures for new students from abroad.

International student marketing opportunities
Working with the BRIC or the PIGS countries? OEP break down the jargon and point you towards developing countries and also more mature markets where new opportunities and demand for long term and short term study abroad and in country education provision exists. With a reputation conscientious and long term focus, we constantly seek new angles and trends in student recruitment and knowledge provision and transfer between different countries, with realistic marketing suggestions that will win the support of your colleagues and peers.

New programme opportunities and alliances abroad: looking outwards
How flexible is your administration and faculty to develop new courses to accommodate international students? New subjects, new formats, dual semesters, faculty led tours, foundation courses, pre-masters and Summer courses, in partnership with compatible institutions in other countries. OEP offers guidance on education trends worldwide to help you identify programmes in demand and also steer you towards areas that could be exploited by your existing capacity and capability.

New revenue sources versus new demands
A welcome inflow of new international student tuition fees plus revenue from housing, administration charges, visas, credits and other college items need to be matched against high expectations, cultural differences, acclimatisation to the local environment, preparing visa acceptance letters and receiving timely payments all of which may require more expertise within your institution.
OEP can advise on upgrades in student services such as housing, orientation, language instruction, advising, health services and local orientation and concierge services that may be required by your new, diverse international student population. The importance of social support structures and housing provision (on or off campus) for your new alumni cannot be underestimated.

"Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity"
Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) Greek philosopher