Web Marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation)

Satellite website design, construction and optimisation (student direct marketing)
provides jargon free account management for new technology education marketing initiatives.
Our technical team can cope with almost any practical requirement, but we will never bombard our clients with techno-speak. OEP aim to demystify the web for our clients and concentrate on talking about the practical results that we can achieve rather than the technical jargon used by our programmers. We explain how the web works in simple practical terms that relate to your own institutional web development needs.

Planning, design and creation of websites from basic designs comprising a few simple pages to complex e-learning sites. Our client projects have included everything from specialist master sites to sites promoting individual campuses or to launch new dual city international programmes.

OEP offer a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) and promotion packages, whether you require a brand new website (or multilingual version) to attract international students or perhaps a dedicated “satellite” site targeting one country or particular programme.

Foreign language websites and international hosting
Satellite websites (international gateway sites) that can act as an English language (or foreign language) introduction and “feeder” landing pages that link to your main institutional website, including the option of hosting it in the country or continent of your student recruitment drive to improve local search success.
Social web and integrated multimedia strategies
OEP can subscribe, create content and manage your online social media image in a variety of languages and social media websites worldwide: Facebook,  Google, Twitter, Orkut and Tuenti to name but a few. Video production and diffusing sites such as You Tube, Vimeo and Ustream play an increasingly important role for the upwardly mobile, media savvy student’s image of your institution from afar.

Analysing Google analytics
Tracking code added to your website can provide vital information and statistics on visitors and the sources of visits to your website. This useful data can then be used to justify return on investment (ROI) and future actions in the evidenced countries or regions.

web marketing and new technology solutions for international educationOnline advertising campaigns
Technological progress and sophistication in online international student recruitment will continue to differentiate education providers ability to source students from across the globe, who rely on the internet and a range of information sources such as chat forums, blogs and comparison sites.

Not only sourcing students, but also providing alternative models of online course delivery, the power of the worldwide web is something that has to be harnessed and kept up to date with on a regular basis. Whatever stage you are at on this journey, OEP can explain the basics and help boost your performance to gain more enquiries and enrolments.

OEP understand the importance of helping education providers integrate online communications within an overall marketing and promotional strategy. This may involve anything from an ad hoc search engine marketing campaign to a full service web site development programme. We can provide a tailor-made package to suit your individual needs from any one or more of the following services after an initial marketing appraisal of your existing web presence:

- Banner advertisements for online global education portals
- Registration and listings for online global education web directories and portals
- Incoming link building campaigns
- New domain name advice and purchase
- Creating online articles and press releases
- Listings on international sites offering jobs, competitions and scholarships
- Set up and management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns (eg Google, Facebook).

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