Working with Student Recruitment Agents

Identifying, training and managing student recruitment agent relationships
In the current heated global market place, the use of recruitment agents to help enrol new international students has been controversial, with some countries seeking to legislate against their use especially related to fraudulent study visa applications. Others suggest a method for certification or registration of commercial recruitment agents as may be regulated by regional and national associations.

OEP has many years first hand experience in working with the most reputable student recruitment agents that act as international ambassadors, taking the time to visit your school, learn in depth about the programmes they will be promoting and commit to accurately present your institution to the students they counsel. We can help you identify the best recruiters in each country and use them to your advantage as ONE of the different strands in your international marketing mix.
OEP also advises on sensitive contractual issues (such as commission payments, promotional budgets, exclusivity for a country or a region, familiarisation trips to your campus and representation at student fairs) between schools and third party recruiters as well as recommending worthwhile “provider meets agent” workshops where schools can meet with agents face to face and forge beneficial personal relationships.

Meeting with international student recruitment agents Workshops and study abroad exhibitions to recruit new students
There are a variety of different ways for your institution to make first contact with new students. At conferences, workshops and study abroad exhibitions organised by professionals who arrange for your accommodation and a booth or table to make presentations to potential new alumni. OEP offers guidance on overseas student recruitment trips and fairs, as well as cost effective international travel and accommodation suggestions that can save considerably on your institution’s travel budget.

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